Flower Care Guide

We hope you love your flowers and want them to last for as long a possible. We offer a few tips that will help your flowers last.

Care of your bouquet

Carefully remove all packaging but leave the string that is tied around the flower stems (this keeps the shape of the bouquet.)

Cut about 3 cm off each stem at a 45 degree angle. This helps the flowers take up the water quickly.

Place the bouquet in a clean vase that is large enough to allow the stems to reach at least halfway down. Fill  the vase with lukewarm water to just below the level of the first leaves, try to avoid leaves sitting in the water because they will decompose and contaminate the water.

Add flower food (this really does work; it’s not just a gimmick!). If you are using a metal containers the flower food may not be as effective.

Placing your bouquet

Please place your bouquet in a place that gives you the most pleasure however if you are able to avoid a place  near radiators,  in direct sunshine or near ripening fruit your bouquet will last longer.

Try to change the flower water every few days -the bacteria in dirty water shortens the life of the flowers.

Care of your arrangement

Try to keep the oasis foam moist at all times by topping up with water from a small jug.

To prevent water damage always place arrangements on surfaces that are non porous. Better still on a protective mat

CAUTION: Lily pollen can be dangerous for cats (if they eat it). It can stain fabric, in case of contact, dab off with cellotape. Do not use water, it makes it worse!

For further advice, contact Louise or Maggie at The Herefordshire Flower Studio on 01432 271 138 or Email us at theherefordshireflowerstudio@gmail.com